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The Personal History
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-Sumiko Goto-

​野田暉行作曲 「壽(ことほぎ)」原譜

後藤すみ子師 初演演奏譜とともに出版


独奏箏のための 壽(ことほぎ) 後藤すみ子師に捧ぐ(卆壽を祝して) 野田暉行 作曲 【作曲者の言葉】  (ステージ初演プログラムより ※1) 箏の大御所、後藤すみ子先生が卆寿(90才)を迎えられた。 先ず、心よりお祝い申し上げます。 ひと時も休むことなく真実の音楽活動を追及され、今なお矍鑠(かくしゃく)たる現役であり、歴史に名をとどめる最高の存在として他の追随を許さない活動を続けておられる。 私のほぼ全生涯に亘って「邦楽4人の会」の重鎮であられ、関わらせていただいた思い出は誠に貴重であり、宝である。 この曲は、今も第一線で活躍中である先生から、一昨年 (※2)依頼された。 丁度同じ年に80才になる作曲者から、曲名の通り「傘寿から卆寿へのお祝い」として作曲した。昨年 (※3)がその年であったがご存知のような事情(※4) から、本日が初演となる。 作曲途中、妻に弾いて聴かせたところ「歌が聴こえる」と感想があり、はっとして私は即座に歌を入れた。音域を常々聴かせていただいている先生にぴったり合わせた。なお、この部分は歌無しでも演奏可能である。詩は西行法師の有名な代表的和歌である。  「としたけて また超ゆべしと思いきや 命なりけり小夜の中山」 (年をとって、またこの難所、中山を超えるとは思わなかった。この命あるからこそだからだ。) 約束された先生のご長寿の、いやさかならんことを 祈りつつ。 -------------------------------------- 1. 2021年10月20日東京銀座「王子ホール」 2. 2019年 3. 2020年 4. 新型コロナ緊急事態宣言延長

Kotohogi for Solo Koto  For Ms.Sumiko Goto Celebrating the 90-year-old performer from an 80-year-old composer              【Composer’s Words】 Teruyuki NODA(From Premiere’s Program ※1) Ms. Sumiko Goto turned 90th, who is grand person in modern Japanese music for koto. First, I would like to congratulate her from the bottom of my heart. She pursues true musical activities without a break, is still active today and continues to be unrivaled as the best person in history. For almost my entire life, she has been a grand person in the activities of Hogaku Yonin no kai, the memories I have been involved in are truly precious and treasured. This work was commissioned two years ago (※2) by her, who is still active on the front lines. The composer, who turned 80th in the same year, composed it as a celebration from "Sanjyu (the cerebration of a person’s 80th birthday)" to "Sostujyu (the cerebration of a person’s 9oth birthday)” as the title of this work. Last year (※3) was that year, but due to the circumstances, as you know (※4), today will be the premiere. In the middle of composing, when I let my wife play it, she said, "I heard waka of monk Saigyo, I feel like that.", suddenly realized, I instantly put in this work. I have always listened to Ms. Goto’s voice range, so I matched it perfectly. Note that this part can be played without singing. The poem is a famous representative waka(※5)of Saigyōhōshi (monk saigyo).   “としたけて(to-shi-ta-ke-te) また(ma-ta)超ゆべしと(ko-yu-be-shi-to)思いきや(o-mo-i-ki-ya) 命(i-no-chi)なりけり(na-ri-ke-ri) 小夜(sa-yo)の(no)中山(na-ka-ya-ma) I was old age, and would I have what I thought to go over Nakayama of this difficult place again so far? No, I did not even think. This is because there was a life. Nakayama(the highest point on a mountain road / a mountain pass) in the small night.” Praying for blessings on her promised path of longevity------------ ーーーーーーーーーーー 1. October 20th, 2021 Tokyo, Ginza “OJI HALL” 2. In 2019 3. In 2020 4. Back then, Japan's COVID-19 state of emergency had been extended. 5. Traditional Japanese poetry


“Modern Japanese music”


Gradually the distinction between what was viewed as classical and what was viewed as modern music blurred, and 'modern Japanese music' came to mean all music composed in this way (rather than just new sokyoku).





Activities of Hogaku Yonin no kai (the four players group), which was organized in 1957, and Nihon Ongaku shudan (the group of Japanese musicians), which started activities in 1964 prior to the boom of Japanese traditional instruments, were also significant as the activities of Japanese traditional music conducted by the western contemporary musicians.


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